A Bigger Slice of The Pie

Alfred State SUNY College of Technology

Alfred State SUNY College of Technology

A Bigger Slice of the Pie

In the spirit of spring, I recently visited two startlingly different gardening supply stores for the first time.   One was your basic nursery type. They carried plants, Miracle Grow, lawn and garden ornaments, and gardening tools.  In the half an hour I spent wandering, there was at least two dozen other shoppers wandering the premises.  The employees were busy answering questions and caring for their plants.

My next stop was the local indoor gardening supply store.  I spent an equal amount of time in this establishment.  Only one other customer entered.  He whispered in a hushed tone to the only employee- a young man behind the counter who proceeded to hand him a bottle of nutrients labeled “Super Bud” or something of the sort.  The customer paid and avoided eye contact as he walked hurriedly from the store.   It made me pause to think about the kind of market that the indoor garden shop has come to represent.    This was the moment that I realized LED Grow Master lighting gives indoor gardening shops across the country a much broader market.  (The moment may also have been inspired by the unnatural amount of time I spend reading, writing, and talking about LED technology.)

For the first time, we have plant lighting that will fit over your bookshelf or countertop.  Lighting that is safe and durable- for the true “hobby” gardeners.  I’m talking about grandmas that want to grow orchids in a dreary corner of the study without 1,000 watts and a climate control system.  Anyone that doubts the size of this market need only step away from the indoor gardening shop and into the nearest nursery.  You can also look at the new trend of gardening in schools, or the increasing number of architects and builders incorporating gardens into new buildings and homes.  The LED Grow Master line is the first product that avoids the burn, fire, shock, and mercury poisoning dangers that have been barriers to these markets.  Maybe you can look into the solar/wind powered communities that now have a viable plant lighting option.  These are only a few of the many new markets opened up with this new technology.  The pie just got bigger.   Get your slice now. -AL

For more information- visit us at http://www.led-grow-master.com or call toll free 1-866-414-7244

LGM5 with Power Supply


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